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1 month 3 weeks ago #697576 by [email protected]
I joined this forum tonight because a google search for Photomatix led me here. Imagine my surprise when I got signed up, introduced myself, and even answered a question that I do know something about, to find out that there's literally only ONE thread on here related to Photomatix. It is related to Real Estate photography too and that's what I'm doing with Photomatix. Sooooo, I doubt that I'll get much response here but I'll throw my question out there anyway.

 I took a bunch of HDR photos today of a property, both interior and exterior, and loaded one of them (3 bracketed shots) into Photomatix and had PM merge them together. When they displayed on the screen though they are showing upside down! And the Rotate option in the software is not active so I can't use it. It displays correctly when I open them in another editing program so I don't think it's an issue with the photo having been taken "upside down". Although it was kind of disorienting at first I got it processed and it looks good to me for a 1st try and even the processed version was rotated correctly when I just opened it in Windows Photo Viewer.

I've attached a screenshot of PM with one of the images merged (no tweaking done) and upside down and also of the 1st image I worked on showing that it does display correctly outside of PM.

Any ideas of why this image shows up upside down in Photomatix?



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