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Digital Photography: Taking the Photo, Editing the Photo, and the art!
So, you've purchased your first digital SLR. Congratulations! You're on your way to becoming a great photographer. The fact that you’re browsing THIS forum shows that.

This forum is exclusively for newbie photographers and those who want to share their knowledge with the rest of the PhotographyTalk community. We welcome expert opinions and those from your personal experiences. Feel free to lurk around, but it’ll be better if you participate and let your voice be heard.

If your new camera might look like a foreign object right now with those bits and buttons, or if you’re already familiar with some photography terms, this forum will surely be your best start towards getting the most of your photography experience. About 20% of all photographs end up on your Facebook or your Instagram, so you better want to make it awesome.
In this forum, you’ll be guided on so many different things, such as how to clean your lenses, to understanding your camera, to common photography terms, learning what lenses to use, and all the photography tips you need to become a better photographer.

We hope you are learning a lot from this Beginner Photography Forum. Once you become the better photographer that we hope this forum can make you to be, make sure you keep coming back to help out the next batch of newbie photographers.
New York Institute Photography ...
by Cory J
10 hours 16 minutes ago
Photography tips to share or if you have questions on taking photos?
Anything related to making money in photography or getting your photos published. Feel free to ask questions!
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Re: Challenge - Dogs
by shybull
2 weeks 1 day ago