30mm vs 50mm lens

12 years 9 months ago #53796 by Rigby
I would like to get a fast lens. I am considering the Sigma 30mm f1.4 vs the Nikon 50mm f1.4 AF-S. Given the crop factor , which would be the most versitile choice?

12 years 9 months ago #53797 by Indy 001
I don't think that one would really be any more 'versatile' than the other.
I guess you could argue that the 30mm is more versatile because you can always take a wider shot and crop if needed.

12 years 9 months ago #53799 by B 01 Fly
I'm sorry I really can not give much input. I have heard good things about the 50mm, but I didn't even know there was a 30mm

12 years 9 months ago #54054 by Solstar
I really think it may come down to what you think you are likely to be shooting. I have an 85mm and a 50mm and use them both in low light, but I am generally shooting people and I like intimate shots. I have been in more than one situation (indoors especially) where I was wishing for a 30mm but not that often.

12 years 9 months ago #54260 by Henry Peach
Without knowing what you shoot or your style I'd say the 30mm is more versatile on an APS-C format camera. It has a "normal" field of view. Not too wide, not too long. Right in the middle. But if you told me more about yourself and your photography i might have a different opinion. :)
12 years 9 months ago #54373 by cod
Knowing full well that a 30-35mm lens on a small sensor DSLR has about the same "normal" view as a 50mm on a film SLR or large sensor DLSR, I went ahead and bought a 50mm anyway. I wanted it partly for functions held in large rooms. It was a mistake. On a small sensor DSLR it is more like a short telephoto and was not wide enough for the use I intended. I should have bought a 35mm, or 30mm. I probably will one day. Meanwhile the 50mm mostly sits in a drawer awaiting the day when I can afford and justify a large sensor DSLR. But as a previous poster said, it depends on what your itended use is.


Chris O'Donoghue
Winnipeg, Canada

12 years 9 months ago #54814 by Stealthy Ninja
Depends what you want to shoot and what look you like more.



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