Looking For Someone To Develop Vintage Film Found in Family Camera

6 years 4 months ago #417229 by stuffAboutHockey
Although I'm a 'digital age' photographer, I recently started digging around for old film cameras [mostly polaroid cameras].  After my grandmom passed away I found an old Kodak Instamatic 124 Camera at her house. .  The camera itself looks shot, the lens is filled with moving debris but there was a roll of film in it [11 of 12 exposures shot, I managed to get the camera to advance it to 12+ xx so I could get the film out safely].  The film type says 126 / 12 exp Rite Aid Color Print Film Process C-22.

I don't know if the film is still able to be developed and/or if there is anything on there.  But if there's maybe some old family shot that can be recovered, or negatives that can be used to create new prints, I'd really like to have them developed.  As I'm guessing the suggestion on the cartridge "for best developing return to your nearest rite aid store" isn't going to work out too well & the cartridge is really strange looking I don't think even photo labs that still do 35mm film would develop it [if you know of one that would please let me know]. 

So I was wondering if anyone that does their own film development wouldn't mind helping me out & developing it for me.  I can pay for chemicals / time if someone is familiar with the film type and/or thinks they can help develop it for me.  [There may not be anything usable on there]  I just thought if there's a chance for some yet unseen family photos, it'd be cool to see them.  I'm 99.9% sure it's a family camera, so I wouldn't expect some great lost work of a famous artist/photographer [but you never know]. 

Also if someone is interested in the camera [which isn't usable as-is] that might be able to clean it up and / or replace parts.  The lens itself has powdered/crushed [what looks like sheetrock or something] filled behind it.  The inside [after removing the film cartridge] was pretty clean with a little dust.  It looks like whatever is under the lens came from an external source & not something in the camera.  It also seems like there's supposed to be something that either broke off or gets attached to the top to wind the film.  The film itself was pretty strange looking [to me anyway] & I don't know much about if its adaptable to take newer film.  I'm guessing they no longer sell it at rite aid.  The [used] cartridge I pulled out says: says 126 / 12 exp Rite Aid Color Print Film Process C-22.

Anyway, I'm mostly looking for someone to help develop the film [or let me know if they know of a photo lab that can develop it for me]. 


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