Fox Trap Roadhouse, Cooladdi Qld

8 months 1 week ago #755012 by Ozzie_Traveller
G'day all

With a population of 6 regulars, this is the only dwelling in the postcode other than cattle stations that surround it.  And by remaining open as the general store + roadhouse + post office + other things, the actual postcode number remains in use.  If the roadhouse closes, then the properties are absorbed into another postal region.

Charleville is 90km to the east and Quilpie is 120km to the west ... this is 'the outback'
(and for non-Aussies, Charleville is 800km inland from Brisbane, the state's capital, making Queensland almost 3x bigger than the US state of Texas and 7x larger than UK)

1)- Fox Trap Roadhouse

exif- Panny FZ-300; 1/1000s x F4,0; ISO-100; Lens at 6x zoom / 150mm FFequiv

As always, feedback welcome

Phil from the great land Downunder

8 months 1 week ago #755031 by Daryl Flores
Love the country vibes here. Well done. 

8 months 4 days ago #755123 by Andreau White
Nice snap here. I like the scene here. 

8 months 3 days ago #755142 by db3348
Classic Australian outback .

Photo Comments
The following user(s) said Thank You: Ozzie_Traveller
7 months 4 weeks ago #755249 by Jin Hyuk Kwon
Love the vibe of the shot. 

7 months 4 weeks ago #755318 by Eshan Rachit
This is really nice and peaceful. I love the color grading of the shot. Well-rendered. 

7 months 3 weeks ago #755479 by Rohan Tushar
Popping colors. I love the composition and the country vibe of this shot. 

7 months 2 weeks ago #755646 by April Saunders
Beautiful landscape. Nice scenery here. 




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