Looking for a messenger type camera bag that will hold a tripod

6 months 2 weeks ago #717090 by Tunesmith
Hi all.  I have spent literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying to find the right camera bag for myself.  I have a bad shoulder with limited range of motion so the traditional camera bag is difficult for me to get on and off.  A few years ago I bought a Kattee canvas shoulder messenger bag and it fits my needs perfectly - except - it has no way of carrying a tripod.  I was hoping maybe you folks could come up with a suggestion.  I've seen the Caden bags and they look like they would fall apart in a week. 
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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6 months 6 days ago #717815 by Stacy Craig
How big is the tripod?  

Peak Design has a  10L messenger that has straps under it to hold tripod.  I have one and use often.  Only wish it would hold 12" iPad.  

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6 months 5 days ago #717850 by Tunesmith
Thank you for the information. I was unable to find the bag you are referring to.

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