I challenge you all to share the most difficult part of photography

7 years 1 month ago #501375 by lucioptico
Is it focal length?


Optic science?

Or am I lost here and photography is an easy craft?

7 years 1 month ago #501479 by bojojo
Developing my own unique style. The thing about the technicalities is that once you know them, you have them for life. But finding out how to differentiate yourself and evolving as an artist is a constant challenge that doesn't really have an answer to it. 

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7 years 1 month ago #501523 by KCook

lucioptico wrote: Is it focal length?


Optic science?

Or am I lost here and photography is an easy craft?

Those are technical topics, to do with gear selection and camera control.  At the raw beginner level megapixels and shutter speed seem to be misunderstood a lot.

There are additional categories, such as the creative/artistic vision, lighting, and post processing.  Many beginners seem to have no clue that post processing is even needed.


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7 years 1 month ago #501593 by Screamin Scott
What comes easy to some, doesn't to others.... Thus the answer to your question can be any number of different things. What is the purpose of the question ?. There really is no easy answer.

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7 years 1 month ago #501607 by Hassner
Professional or amateur?

I know of a photographer who lacked social skills. His wife did all the negotiations. He just came to the party with his keen eye and technical skills. Did very well for himself.

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7 years 1 month ago #501693 by joirv
the most difficult part? finding the time for it between all of the other things life throws your way..

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7 years 1 month ago #501710 by Scotty
Buying more gear than you need instead of spending the money to go the areas to get the photo you want.

Chasing light and the right location is the most overblown part. Most people just want a red ring around their lens or the gold ring to make them feel like they're going to shoot better.

Find gear that won't limit you, stop buying gear, and let it become second nature so the tool no longer gets in the way of your vision.

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7 years 1 month ago #501962 by effron
My most difficult part is getting to the photographic location. I prefer landscapes and night, star photography.  Bad knee and a bit of laziness makes it tough....

Why so serious?
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7 years 1 month ago #502005 by PhotoViking
Most difficult?
Developing your own style, training your photographic eye, developing a feeling for perspective and light etc......
Focal length, bokeh, iso etc.: Technical questions. Even if you do understand all the technical issues that alone won't make you a good photographer - a trained photographic eye will.

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7 years 2 weeks ago #505315 by Italian_Dreamer
Difficult part?

humm, Its very Subjective Topic

Ok Lets see, For me is Transform the worst place and light And Transform into a beauty, by searching details, strange ones. Shooting Landscape  in  day light and Adjust the camera for the best scenario possible, Train the eye, Off Course.

Adjsut the Camera Settings i think its a question of Time and Experience. When your eye is trained you can adjust the camera settings in a Flash. The real challenge is getting out, find a place and Shoot and before Shoot, make it in your mind first ;)

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7 years 2 weeks ago #505340 by Lavender Photo
When I was starting out, it took me a very, very long time to grasp the way light worked and how I could create different types of light with a flash or softbox. Took a lot of studying on my own and hours of practice before I was able to get things right.

For me, that's the most difficult part of photography

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5 years 1 week ago #616054 by Stefan-Olsson
Either you have the eye for photography, i.e composition etc....or you dont. The functions of the camera can be taught fairly easily. It comes down to vision and the ability of how good in post you are,  I think:)

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3 weeks 10 hours ago #758180 by LensofNature
Subject to lens and hyperfocal distance; fast moving subjects; keeping the horizon straight; panning; trying to shoot without a tripod and understanding how to use a tripod.

4 days 5 hours ago #758729 by royphotog
This is a challenging question. I would have to say having the right frame of mind to be able to see the image that is right in front of you but is easily overlooked. It's that creative spark that allows you to see the composition and light that can be easily passed by. I know that over my more than fifty years of calling myself a photographer I have had that many times, and when it comes it's a rush. But, more of then than not, it has not been there.

I know as a wedding photographer for forty of these years there were times that everything came together, the light, the couple, the location. That was what I lived for. That made the business more than just a job.




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