Sony 85mm 1.4GM keep it or Sell it?

8 months 1 day ago #639929 by troyjames
I purchased the Sony 85mm 1.4 Gm a while back and recently used the Sony 85mm 1.8 and found that it was much shaper and lighter amount a few other benefits. Someone suggested to me, sell my 85mm 1.4 GM and buy the 85mm 1.8 and another lens maybe a 35mm Rokinon or another 35mm which is greatly needed at this time. My questions is there anyone else that made or thought about this or even sold their Sony 85mm 1.4 gm and brought the Sony 85mm 1.8 or another comparable lens. Are you happy with this move? any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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8 months 1 day ago #639933 by Nikon Shooter
True is that ƒ1.4 is great but if money is tight, a wider angle
lens would enlarge the spectrum of possible captures.

Light is free… capturing it is not!
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6 months 4 weeks ago #644458 by Sandy Smith Photos
What's funny is that I was just reading a review by a Nikon user relating to Nikon's 85mm f/1.4 vs their f/1.8.  In my opinion, if the f/1.8 works for you, go for it. 35mm is not a lens I would be running out to get, it's just a focal length I have never found a use for.  

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