TetherBLOCK QR2 Quick release


Best for

Studio tethering without the risk

Grade (Out of ten)

Usability : 9
Design : 10
Features : 10
Price : 8
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Tethering allows for instant computer uploads, but while necessary in many studios, the tether cord can open your camera up to vulnerabilities. The TetherBLOCK QR2 Quick Release is a simple solution. By securing the cable at the base of the camera, an accidental tug won't damage the port or cause data loss if removed mid-transfer. Made from aircraft quality aluminum, the QR2 also does double duty as a standard Arca Swiss compatible quick release plate, though it can also be used without a tripod.
The QR2 accommodates both thin and thick cables. While it's made in the USA and constructed of metal, it only adds 2.7 ounces (76.5 g) to the camera. While the price could be a turnoff to some, it's essentially a $99 insurance policy against repairing pricey port damage and pulls double duty as a quick release plate -- a win-win for tethered shooters.


  • Protects camera ports
  • Prevents data loss from cord removal
  • Compatible with standard tripod mounts


  • Pricier than basic quick releases