Datacolor Spyder5ELITE


Best for

Color calibration for multiple monitor setups and videographers

Grade (Out of ten)

Usability : 10
Design : 9
Features : 10
Price : 7
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Datacolor offers an an industry standard in getting the colors on the screen to better match the hues in the print -- and the Spyder5ELITE is their current top option. As the best option from the best color calibration system, the Spyder5ELITE is no slouch when it comes to matching colors. The system can handle laptops and stand-alone monitors, match multiple monitor setups and even offers custom calabration profiles for video editing. The Elite version is the only option with unlimited color settings and also has five ambient light settings.

Like the Spyder5PRO version, the software is included, which simplifies the process of getting solid color calibration. The sensor sits on the screen while it connects to the computer via a USB. The included software walks you through the steps and various options to customize the colors to your prints. Unlike the Spyder5PRO, however, the Elite version is about $90 more, putting it at a total of $279, which is where many shy away from the system.

The Spyder5ELITE is the best monitor color solution currently on the market with some of the best test scores and simple calibration with the included software. However good the Spyder5ELITE is though, if you don't use multiple monitors to edit the same photo and you're not a video editor, you can save $90 and get about the same performance with the Spyder5PRO.

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  • Simple, quick color calibration
  • Included software
  • Multiple monitors and video compatible


  • Pricey

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