Thanks to MyStudio, product photography has been made easy and affordable. In an age when the early days of a photography business are the toughest and competition is fierce even in small communities, you can't afford to make bad investments that don't have a good return. These miniature studios basically pay for themselves. It's hard to believe, but if you're serious about product photography, you'll soon realize the truth behind it. With everything being simplified, the shooting process takes a lot less time than it would using a "classic" studio setup. With MyStudio you can shoot more in less time.

With an easily cleanable plastic background, you'll never look back at the days when you improvised with sheets and other fabrics that were hard to clean.

Lighting used to be one of the hardest parts of product photography. Expensive flashes are setbacks for learning photographers, but now you don't even have to buy them anymore. The large continuous light source provided with each model has taken care of that problem once and for all. There are also different accessories to benefit from like accent lights, reflective acrylic panels and jewelry props. With this investment, you'll also be getting personal customer service and the guaranteed quality that comes from 95% of the materials being manufactured in the US. Let's have a look at some of the studios in their lineup.

PS5 Porta Studio

At less than $130, this is the most affordable and also portable table top system. Besides the 5000k lighting system, it has the ability to use different color backgrounds in the same system.


See more specs about this studio here.

MyStudio MS20 Table Top Studio Kit

If your work focuses on details, this is the studio for you. It has been specially designed to make it as easy as possible to capture amazing macro and product shots. Its one piece cyclorama is made from an official Pro Cyc mold and durable ABS plastic.


See more specs about this studio here.

MyStudio MS32

If you're looking for the ability to shoot something a little larger, this is the solution. The MS 32 is a larger version of their MS 20 studio. The cyclorama is almost 3 feet on each side and a foot and a half tall. Shooting angles are enhanced because of the seamless cove walls on each of the Pro Cyc's corner and shadows are also reduced to a minimum.


See more specs about this studio here.