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Learn & Explore Series Episode 101

"Real Tour Vision"

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Did You Know?

RTV services over seventy national accounts including Choice Hotels, 1-800-Flowers, Motel 6, Starkey.com, Barnes & Noble, La-Z-Boy, HomeAway.com, American Hospice, Kindred Healthcare, KB Homes and more? You will receive jobs from RTV just by being a part of our network!

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Did You Know?

RTV sends photographers in their network an average of 100 leads for virtual tour and professional photography services every month? All RTV photographers private label our virtual tour hosting platform and establish their own pricing structure. It’s your business, your brand, and the leads are yours to bring to close!

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Did You Know?

The RTV virtual tour hosting and Tour Track system was built upon the suggestions from over 1000 professional photographers and entrepreneurs all across the world? The RTV system is by far the most up to date and feature rich system on the market today.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Jason LaVanture
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with what is Real Tour Vision?
  2. When was it founded?
  3. When you started this company, what was your inspiration in doing so?
  4. When a company comes out with a new product or service, they have a client in mind or avatar, who is that person here?
  5. What is your vision and how has RTV evolved over the years?
  6. Speak to us about your virtual tour software and hardware packages
  7. What sort of market is there for this?
  8. What is the process of getting set up?
  9. How long does it typically take to set up a virtual tour business?
  10. How can photographers incorporate this into their existing business?
  11. What is Team RTV?
  12. What is the process for signing up for this?
  13. Is there a free trial if someone wants to test it out?
  14. What sort of support is available?
  15. You are on the hot seat here Jason, so in one word… how would you describe the RTV platform?