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Learn & Explore Series Episode 127


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Did You Know?

Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning, "a reason for being". Though at first it may seem like a strange name for a new line of camera bags, it actually makes perfect sense once you know more about the three entrepreneurs who founded the business, the key 'Strength from Within' of the Ikigai bags and what drives photographers to do what they do.

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Did You Know?

Ikigai's Rival backpack features a detachable, ergonomic waist belt that provides exceptional stability and weight distribution for times when your backpack is fully loaded but is also easily removed for shorter, lighter outings. Either way, the sculpted back panel with molded, vented contact points and anatomic cut harness system all help take a load off your back.

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Did You Know?

Ikigai is the only professional photographer camera bag that features a removable, configurable camera cell that adds an added layer of protection for your gear and makes packing easier. Plus, you don't need to lug the entire backpack around when you're out on location.

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Industry Experts: John Brunner and Andy Bennett
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Before we get into talking about how to select a camera bag, let’s start off with what is IKIGAI?
  2. If you have watched the show before… you’ll know we love jumping into the ‘Wayback machine’… so if you would, please take us back to the very day that you folks decided to start this company. What was the original inspiration for doing so?
  3. When you designed these new camera bags, I’m sure you had a certain targeted audience or avatar in mind that you wanted to attract? Can you explain who that person is?
  4. I have to ask, that is a very unique company name, what does it mean?
  5. Let’s shift gears a little: What do you personally look for in a camera bag?
  6. Can you expound on what sort of materials make up a good camera bag?
  7. How should size of camera bag be determined?
  8. Speaking of different sized bags, can you share with us, the separating factors between your two bags?
  9. Personally I’m digging the green interior on your bags, how did you come up with that color for the bag interior?
  10. What other attributes do you look for in a quality camera bag?
  11. Let’s talk about camera bag ‘looks’. Most companies out there, have a very traditional look to them. I have to say, your bags are swanky. What went into the design of these?
  12. Another question about your bags: are these designed for beginner as well as professional photographers?
  13. One tip I remember vividly when I got stated in photography, and that was don’t go cheap with your tripod. Get the best you can afford, as this will be a tool that will follow your photography journey. Do you feel this rule applies to camera bags as well?
  14. How do you feel your camera bags differ from others on the market?
  15. What is the warranty on these camera bags?
  16. What’s the most important take-a-way you want Ikigai users to experience when using your camera bag?