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Learn & Explore Series Episode 132

Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival

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Did You Know?

There are numerous species of birds and animals at the pace coast. Find species by location: http://www.spacecoastbirdingandwildlifefestival.org/downloads.php and select Birding Check list.

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Did You Know?

See our Face Book page, click Like and stay updated: https://www.facebook.com/SCBWF/

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Did You Know?

Join in with the locals and supporters of the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife festival. See the latest news. Find locals to chat with: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SCBWF/

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Industry Expert: Laurilee Thompson
Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. To get this started, what is “Space Coast Birding & Wildlife Festival (SCBWF)?
  2. Let’s jump in the ‘way back machine’ and go back roughly 19 years. What was your original inspiration for setting this festival up?
  3. When you started this this festival, you had a certain target group of people this was meant to attract, can you explain that avatar or person to us?
  4. Has the audience changed over the years (great segue into “it’s not just birding and wildlife fans, more and more photographers are attending”)
  5. How long does this festival go on for?
  6. Talk us through a typical day at the festival?
  7. What experience do you want people attending too leave with?
  8. How many classes will be offered?
  9. Can you share some of the names of photographers who will be instructing here?
  10. Can you expound on what types of birds and wildlife can be seen during the festival?
  11. What sort of attractions outside of the festival can someone expect this year? (Aimed at the “larger picture”)
  12. Will there be food and beverages on location?
  13. Do you see this as a family event?
  14. Now this organization is a non-profit… does this event accept volunteers?
  15. Walk us through registration: is there an early bird? Any deadlines?