Learn & Explore Series Episode 150

Grip & Shoot

Did You Know?

GRIP&SHOOT was invented by a Father-Son team of entrepreneurs out of Chicago, IL.
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Did You Know?

It’s completely universal across iPhone and Android devices (phones AND tablets)
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Did You Know?

GRIP&SHOOT is a hand-stabilizer, remote control, tripod mount, and more packed into one pocket-sized device.
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Special Thanks to Industry Expert:

Ben Zajeski

Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Take us back to the very day that you started Grip & Shoot, what was the original inspiration for doing so?
  2. When a company comes out to market with a product, they generally have an avatar or person in mind they want to market too. Can you share with us who that person is here?
  3. Can you expound a little on what the Grip & Shoot is best used for?
  4. How do you feel your product differs from others on the market?
  5. How do you feel the Grip & Shoot will improve the mobile users photo taking experience?
  6. Will this work with an iPhone or Android phones? OR Both?
  7. Ben, I own one of your Grip & Shoot’s and have to say, ever part of this device has an impressive degree of craftsmanship to it. Can you talk about the engineering that went into this?
  8. I know what I use mine for, however for the sake of our audience, can you share some example scenarios of how this can be used?
  9. From the point of pulling one out of the box, how easy is this to set up and use?
  10. How does the device communicate with the phone?
  11. What’s the range?
  12. Now you folks have an app with this. What sort of controls do I have access to in there?
  13. Is this a one size fit all? Or will I need to get a specific “Shooter Case” that matches up with my phone?
  14. Now I have an iPhone 6 Plus, if I were to buy another phone or upgrade to the iPhone 15… ok iPhone 7 when that comes out, and it requires a different case, can I order a new Shooter Case as a stand-alone item?
  15. What sort of warranty comes with one of these Grip & Shoots?
  16. Where can a Grip & Shoot be purchased?
  17. What is the ONE word that you believe best describes Grip & Shoot?