Learn & Explore Series Episode 160


Did You Know?

Drobo offers a portfolio of products that preserve simplicity across numerous data storage use cases.
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Did You Know?

Drobo is different because regardless of which Drobo you use, it can be setup easily in minutes.
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Did You Know?

With over a hundred apps to choose from, Drobo Apps are a set of applications that extend the capabilities of Drobo NAS devices. Drobo custom Apps such as DroboAccess and DroboPix allow for remote access and automatic upload of images to your Drobo.
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Special Thanks to Industry Expert:

Mihir Shah

Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s start off with, what is Drobo?
  2. What year was this company founded?
  3. Let’s jump in the way back machine, let’s go back to the very day you started this company. What was the original inspiration for doing so?
  4. When a company releases a product they generally have a particular avatar or audience in mind. Can you share who that person is here?
  5. What has been your proudest accomplishment to date for Drobo?
  6. It seems common that companies title their products as the “Best” in their market. How do you feel ’Drobo’ compares to others in the marketplace?
  7. Another term that is somewhat cliché and tossed around a lot is “Innovation” How do you feel your platform is innovating?
  8. Now with cameras taking larger and larger files, how expandable are these?
  9. Talk to us about data migration to a Drobo device, what’s the process?
  10. What’s the best way to determine which Drobo device is best for your needs?
  11. Can you expound a little on the Drobo app?
  12. What options are there for photographers who want to take backups to another level and back up beyond Drobo locally?
  13. What’s DroboCare?
  14. What sort of warranty do you offer?
  15. What is the one word that you believe sums up Drobo?