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Learn & Explore Series Episode 17

"How to become a professional photographer"

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Did You Know?

Technology has made photography more popular today than ever before. And because of that, there are more professionals out there competing for business. The successful photographers are the ones that can take photos that stand out from the crowd.

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Did You Know?

Becoming a professional photographer is first about taking professional-quality photographs and then about learning the business of photography. You can't have one and not the other.

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Did You Know?

There are so many different fields to get into - weddings, portraits, photojournalism, sports, stock, nature, travel, and many more. Most successful photographers excel in one or two of these areas and make a name for themselves.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: George Delgado
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. How does a photographer know if he or she has the right mindset to become a professional?
  2. How does a photographer find a balance between a passion for creativity and the practical necessities of operating a business?
  3. Can a photographer be a part-time professional or is a full-time commitment necessary?
  4. Can the skills needed to become a professional be learned in a classroom or course setting or is trial-and-error work in the real world a better learning experience?
  5. Should a photographer enroll in separate sales and marketing courses, or will a professional photography course teach these skills as well?
  6. What are the camera/equipment skills a photographer must to learn to succeed as a professional?
  7. What are the business skills a photographer must to learn to succeed as a professional?
  8. Does a photographer need a specific amount of money or financial security before learning to be a professional?
  9. Must a photographer buy thousands of dollars in equipment to become a professional?
  10. Must a photographer develop a specific style to distinguish himself or herself from competitors?
  11. What types of photography are more likely to generate enough income to be a professional?
  12. Should a photographer concentrate on learning a specific type of photography to be successful, or many types?
  13. Should a professional photography course include lessons in shooting video and marketing that service?
  14. Must a professional have a studio to be successful?
  15. Does a course certificate make it easier to find a professional job or start a photography business?