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Learn & Explore Series Episode 31

"Common Mistakes of Beginner Photographers"

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Did You Know?

A 2012 Panasonic survey of photographers found that 35.2% of them forgot to check their camera’s batteries frequently, and experienced a loss of power.

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Did You Know?

The second most-common mistake, at 29.3%, was an inability to hold the camera steady.

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Did You Know?

Setting the shutter speed too slow and recording blurry photos was the third most-common mistake, at 22.7%.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: William Benson

Common Mistakes of Beginner Photographers:

  1. How much money should a beginner photographer spend for his or her first camera?
  2. Does a beginner photographer need a DSLR camera?
  3. Why should I read my camera’s manual?
  4. What is the best technique to keep my camera steady?
  5. Why are people faces so dark when photographed outside?
  6. What is red eye?
  7. Do I need to understand shutter speed, aperture and ISO or can’t I just let the camera choose these settings automatically?
  8. Why do the backgrounds of my photos appear to be in focus as much as the subject?
  9. What techniques should I use to keep my photos level and straight?
  10. Why do so many of my images look overexposed or underexposed?
  11. Why are some of my photos blurry and not sharp?
  12. Why do some of my photos have an orange, blue or yellow tinge?
  13. Why doesn’t my flash light my subject sufficiently?
  14. What are some tips to shoot better pictures of people?
  15. Don’t I always want to shoot during a bright, sunny day?
  16. Do I need to attend photo classes, seminars or workshops?
  17. As a beginner, should I join a local photo club?