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Learn & Explore Series Episode 59

"What You Must Know about Premium Flash Brackets"

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Did You Know?

A premium flash bracket is an excellent solution to an off-camera, handheld flash because an E-TTL cord often means you need a third hand.

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Did You Know?

The premium flash bracket will help a photographer position the flash head, so red eye doesn’t occur when photographing people.

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Did You Know?

A 12- to 18-inch flash cord is recommended for use with a guillotine flash bracket.

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Industry Expert: Tom Fudala
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. What kind of photographer needs a premium flash bracket? Usually flash brackets are are designed for professional photographers. Mostly portrait and event photographers.
  2. Will a premium flash bracket eliminate subject shadows and how? I think any flash bracket should be able to eliminate shadows the premium features are the materials it's made out of, easy of use, how light it is and how reliable it's going to be.
  3. Are there premium flash brackets for all major brands and models of DSLR cameras? Yes there are, we offer custom camera mounting plates for Leading Canon and Nikon cameras, and universal mounting plates for other cameras.
  4. What is an L-bracket? L bracket gives you a second mounting point on the camera, it allows you to mount the camera on it's left side. It's a great tool for portrait photographers as it keeps the camera in same orientation in portrait and in landscape orientation. It also let's your camera sit on top of the tripod not off to the side where the tripod is easier to tip over.
  5. Do I need a matching camera body plate for a premium flash bracket? We do recommend custom plates as they fit the camera better and offer anti twist option. They sit tightly molded to the camera body and when on camera they fit so well you forget the plate is even there.
  6. Will I find a camera body plate for all the most-popular DSLR models? Yes from Canon and Nion.
  7. Why should a premium flash bracket be engineered as a precision instrument? You need precision for years of maintenance free use and reliability. Also well engineered bracket is lighter and easier to use.
  8. Why is it important to use a premium flash bracket constructed of aircraft quality aluminum? Obviously the main advantage is weight. Our flash brackets weigh a pound, to compare that's as much as flash gun with batteries. They are very sturdy and durable.
  9. Why should a premium flash bracket have a quick-release camera plate? Quick release plates allow you to quickly attach and detach camera from tripod ball head.
  10. Should I expect a premium flash bracket to have a secure stand, so my camera can remain upright when placing it on a table or other flat surface? Yes the stand is a great option to keep the camera upright. It allows you to easily stand the camera on flash surface.
  11. Will a premium flash bracket cause the flash to point in the same direction regardless of camera orientation? Yes that's the whole point of flash brackt.
  12. Should I be able to use a premium flash bracket for underwater photography? We haven't engineered the bracket to be safe in corrosive environments but as long as you rinse with fresh water after taking photos in salt water it should be fine. But again we haven't tested it that way. The components we use Aluminum, Titanium are naturally corrosion resistant.
  13. What is a “guillotine” flash bracket and what are its advantages? Guillotine flash bracket is our "other bracket" etc etc
  14. Should I avoid a premium flash bracket without a one-year warranty and a 30-day, money-back guarantee? We actually offer 2 year warranty on flash brackets. But we think you should avoid the company that doesn't offer 30 day money back guarantee and at least a one-year warranty.
  15. What should I expect to pay for a premium flash bracket? Well that depends there are many budget brackets but as all of our photographers would say you get what you pay for.
  16. Where can I purchase the bracket. We sell brackets online at ProMediaGear.com and will list distributors on the website as well.
  17. What kind of flashes do the brackets work with and what is needed to make them work. Any flash gun and need cord or wirless transmitter/receiver (TTL preferred).
  18. What is the Arca-Type plate that you use. It's a defacto unofficial standard for high end camera mounting option.