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Learn & Explore Series Episode 64

"Keeping Your Lens Caps Safe"

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Did You Know?

Replacement of a genuine lens cap can cost $20 or more, even on line.

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Did You Know?

Many professional photographers leave their lens caps in their bag rather than take the chance to lose the expensive protection for their very expensive lenses!

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Did You Know?

The most common place to put your lens cap is in your lint filled back pocket, close second is a table top

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Darren Siegel
International Camera Accessories (HÜFA)
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Questions covered in the above interview:
  1. What is a Hufa V?
  2. One day, you woke up and were inspired with this idea, what was root of this inspiration?
  3. What other products are you providing to photographers?
  4. What size lens caps was this designed for?
  5. When you design the Hufa V, you have a certain targeted audience or avatar in mind? Explain that person for this product.
  6. How is this attached to the camera strap?
  7. What size straps will work with the Hufa V?
  8. To attach and detach this clip, how quickly can this be done?
  9. How is the Hufa V different from other lens cap systems?
  10. Will this work with all camera lens cap manufactures?
  11. Can you expound on how this clip keeps the lens cap from falling out?
  12. What colors is the Hufa V available in?
  13. Will this work with aftermarket lens straps, for example Black Rapid and Crumpler straps?
  14. What is the warranty on the Hufa V?
  15. When will the Hufa V be available for shipping?
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