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Learn & Explore Series Episode 66

"What You Should Know About IR and Monochrome Camera Conversions"

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Did You Know?

Special training and inspection with a microscope are necessary to clean a camera’s sensor thoroughly since any microscopic particles may block one or more pixels.

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Did You Know?

When a DSLR is converted to an IR camera, using 830nm glass, 2 f-stops are lost and the camera’s shutter speed will be slower.

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Did You Know?

Although Kodak once offered a number of monochrome DSLR cameras, one of which cost $10,000, neither Kodak nor any other camera manufacturer currently makes monochrome consumer DSLRs.

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Industry Expert: Dan Llewellyn
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Why would I want to convert my standard DSLR camera to an infrared device?
  2. What are the common types of conversions available?
  3. Is it possible to convert most DSLR cameras from major manufacturers?
  4. Can other types of cameras, and even camcorders, be converted?
  5. Are some conversions more expensive than others?
  6. What types of equipment will the better conversions companies have to convert a camera carefully and successfully?
  7. What is the process for converting a camera to IR?
  8. Is special glass required?
  9. How does the conversion affect the standard features and functions of the camera?
  10. Is there an advantage to converting an existing camera versus buying a new IR camera other than price?
  11. Why would I want to convert a standard DSLR camera that records color images to a black and white or monochrome-only camera?
  12. Without being too technical, why does a DSLR camera converted to monochrome outperform the original camera’s black and white output?
  13. What is the price range for monochrome conversions?
  14. How quickly can an IR or monochrome conversion be completed?
  15. How can I be sure I am sending my camera for conversion to a highly reputable company with highly trained and experienced technicians?