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Learn & Explore Series Episode 69

"Spider Camera Holster"

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Did You Know?

Spider Holster was initially designed to slide on or through a regular waist belt. Through development, it was decided to make a pro gear dedicated SpiderPro belt to be able to handle the heavier camera loads of Pro shooters. The Spider belt with the Holster attached became an instant classic - it is still the most sold item to date.

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Did You Know?

Spider Holster is the first to enable carrying a DSLR upside down with the carrying position not directly over the tripod socket. The Spider Plate is the only camera plate with “arms”. These arms allow the camera to be carried from a point in between the camera body and the lens - a much more balanced and stable carrying position.

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Did You Know?

The SpiderPro Plate did not exist in the preliminary concept and development of the Holster. It was after using the plateless system with a pro flash that Spider team knew there was a need for a solution to conveniently and securely carry a camera with ProFlash attached. Spider Holster is the only product to offer a working solution designed from the ground up for securely and conveniently carrying a DSLR and a flash at the hip.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Shai Eynav
Spider Camera Holster
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. How long ago did you start SpiderHolster? And take us to that moment, what was your original inspiration for starting this company?
  2. Tell us about the Spider Pro, what is it? How is this attached to the person?
  3. What sort of camera was this most designed for?
  4. If I want to use a tripod while using Spider is that possible?
  5. When you design a new product, you have a certain targeted audience or avatar in mind? Explain that person for the Spider Pro.
  6. Can you expound about the locking mechanism that keeps the camera from falling out?
  7. How is the Spider Pro different from other hands free systems, including other Spider Holster systems?
  8. Talk to us about your Black Widow system. What type of cameras and photographers was this designed for?
  9. If I want to use a tripod while using the Black Widow, is that possible?
  10. With either of these systems, are you able to use other Spider Holster accessories or components?
  11. With the Spider systems, is there an option or way to carry two cameras?
  12. What’s the most important take-a-way you want Spider Holster users to experience when using your product?