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Learn & Explore Series Episode 88

"Vanguard Xcenior Camera Bags"

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Did You Know?

Since 2003, Vanguard has won 14 awards for its lineup of photo/video accessories – from the Technical Image Press Association, Red Dot International Design Awards, and Popular Photography magazine, among others.

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Did You Know?

Vanguard's team of engineers designs initial concepts; Vanguard manufactures these products in its own factories and distributes the products itself. This allows Vanguard to ensure the highest quality products from start to finish.

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Did You Know?

Vanguard Professionals – a team of professional photographers whose specialties range from nature to travel to wedding to surreal portraiture - test products in the field in order to ensure each products’ optimal functionality and style.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: William Innes
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. What is the Xcenior series of camera bags from Vanguard?
  2. Now I know Vanguard is getting a lot of buzz with photographers right now, you mind me asking why do you personally use their camera bags?
  3. I’ve been following Vanguard for nearly 4 years now, and noticed in the beginning, their camera bags were “OK”, and in the last couple years I’ve noticed a major difference in quality and impressive features. What is your opinion on that?
  4. What sort of camera was this most designed for?
  5. When a company designs a new product, they have a certain targeted audience or avatar in mind? Who do you think that person is for this product?
  6. Are these bags OK for travel, meeting airline carry-on criteria?
  7. Vanguard has 6 different bags part of this series, what are the main differences?
  8. When ordering a camera bag, what are the top features you look for?
  9. Which is your favorite bag and why is that?
  10. With bags coming in so many different sizes, how much of your gear do you bring with you? (possible lead into having multiple bags for different situations?)
  11. Do any of these bags have room for personal items, for overnight travel?
  12. Which of these bags are designed to carry multiple camera bodies?
  13. How do you personally feel these camera bags compare to others on the market?
  14. Let’s talk about warranty? What sort of warranty do these camera bags have? (lifetime warranty)