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Learn & Explore Series Episode 90

"Hunts Photo and Video"

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Did You Know?

Hunts has been an authorized Kodak Reseller since 1900

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Did You Know?

From 2010 through today Hunts has traveled to 196 trades shows and workshops across the country

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Did You Know?

The Hunt’s Headquarter is located in a 30,000 sq/ft building. In 2012 we installed solar panel arrays which cover the roof of the building. Since the system went live Hunts has generated 220,535 kWH of solar energy. This is the equivalent to the impact of 185 Tons of CO2 saved or 21,341 gallons of gas saved or 4,742 trees Planted

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Industry Expert: Scott Farber
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Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. Let’s talk about Hunts Photo, what are the core components of this company?
  2. How long has Hunts Photo been around?
  3. 1889… that’s a long time for any company to be in business, what does that time in business translates too… for the customers?
  4. Now… 1889 would mean this company started up around 125 years ago… can you share with the listeners some details on the history of the company?
  5. How many retail locations does Hunts operate?
  6. Talk to us about the culture found in a Hunts?
  7. What is it like working for a family operated business?
  8. What do you feel are the top 3 attributes that makes Hunts Photo different from other companies?
  9. Does Hunts Photo have a used department?
  10. How active is Hunts Photo in attending trade shows?
  11. Let’s talk camera brands, what sort of gear do you inventory normally?
  12. Are there some specialty services that Hunts Photo offers, that are tough to find elsewhere?
  13. Does Hunt’s ever put on events? If so can you expound on some examples?
  14. Like any product or service offered to consumers… customer service is very important. Can you talk to use about Hunt’s Photo customer service (online, offline, phone, etc.)
  15. What experience do you want photographers to have and experience when dealing with Hunts Photo?
  16. Final questions… and it’s a simple… but hefty one…. What’s one word you would sum up Hunt’s Photo as?
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Hunts Photo Event Calender:

Phabulous Photo Weekend | October 18-20 2014

Mike Moats Macro Photo Conference 2014 | October 25-26 2014

Photo Plus Expo | October 30- November 1 2014

Hunt’s Photo 38th Annual Show | November 7-9 2014

Nature Visions Expo | November 14-16 2014

 Festival of the Cranes | November 18-23 2014


Space Coast Birding Festival | January 21-26 2015

CNPA Conference | February 12-15 2015

North American Nature Photography (NANPA) Summit | February 12-15 2015

Society of Photo Educators | March 12-15 2015

Keep in touch with Hunts by following them on their blog: http://wbhunt.com/blog/