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Learn & Explore Series Episode 6

"How to Select a Camera Strap"

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Did You Know?

The best camera straps are often made of neoprene because it is a durable material that stretches.

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Did You Know?

Many camera straps must be removed from the camera before mounting it to a tripod.

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Did You Know?

A shoulder camera strap is most comfortable and convenient when you put one arm through the strap, so it drapes diagonally across your chest with the camera resting on your hip and within easy reach of your hand.

Special Thanks to
Industry Expert: Guy Sprukt
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Grip And Wrap DSLR
Strap And Wrap Mirroless

Questions covered in the above interview:

  1. What reasons would a photographer want to choose and use a strap other than the one that comes with a camera?
  2. What are the qualities of a superior camera strap?
  3. What is the best material for a camera strap?
  4. Why is neoprene one of the best materials for a camera strap?
  5. Are there adjustable camera straps?
  6. Are all straps brown or black or are there choices to match a photographer’s style?
  7. Are there any advantages of a strap around the wrist as compared to one around the neck?
  8. Is one kind of camera strap sufficient for all types of photography?
  9. Can the same camera strap be attached to a mirrorless and DSLR camera?
  10. Should a camera strap be selected based on the weight of the camera?
  11. What is the best mechanism to attach a strap to a camera?
  12. Is there a better way to secure a lens cap without putting it in a pocket or camera bag, or constantly losing it?
  13. What are the signs that a camera strap should be replaced?
  14. Is it a bad idea to try to make a camera strap, as a DIY project?
  15. Isn’t there an alternative to camera straps that become wrapped around other gear in a camera bag?

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