Maternity Photography Tips

Whether you’re a professional maternity photographer or an expecting mom that wants a few pointers for taking your own portrait, the articles in our maternity photography section are for you!

With expert advice on a wide range of maternity photo topics, this collection of tutorials serves as a guide for brand-new photographers and offers the chance for seasoned photographers to refresh their skills and source new ideas for their photos.

Maternity Photography

PhotographyTalk’s maternity photography section includes more than 60 beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials to help you bring your creative vision to life.

Articles in this section are organized in a way that allows for quick reading and easy digestion of the material. These maternity photoshoot articles also include beautiful sample photos to illustrate key points and to give you some inspiration for your photos.

Some lessons in this section also include videos from expert photographers that demonstrate specific maternity photography skills. This might include videos that explain camera settings, composition tips, how to post-process images, and what to wear to a maternity photography session, among many other topics.

Maternity Photography Tips

Many of the articles in our maternity photography section cover essential “how to maternity photography” tips.

You’ll find advice on things like the best camera lenses to use for maternity photography to get the most pleasing shots. There are also many articles that provide insight into how to work with maternity clients, like providing positive feedback to help make the model feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Likewise, there are many maternity photography tips on practical aspects of a maternity shoot - such as how to plan the shoot, types of poses to try, and developing a shot list.

If you’re concerned about making a mistake, we’ve got that covered too! This section includes multiple tutorials on the do’s and don’ts of maternity photography so you can see what should and shouldn’t be done when photographing an expecting mom.

In total, there are more than 40 maternity photography articles in this section that cover essential tips to help you get started and develop crucial skills for creating the most eye-catching photos.

Maternity Photography Ideas

One of the most important parts of maternity photography is simply coming up with ideas for posing and composition that are flattering for the model. Our maternity photography section includes more than two dozen tutorials on maternity photo ideas that will help you get more creative shots.

The various posing guides you’ll find in this section dive deep into how to pose expecting mothers for individual portraits, portraits with their significant other, and even portraits with children and other family members. You can learn how to pose the model in a standing position, in a seated position, or even laying down to get the most pleasing maternity pictures.

Likewise, you’ll learn the importance of having the model make eye contact with the camera, how the positioning of the camera relative to the model can enhance how she looks, and how to take both studio and on-location portraits of expecting moms.

Additionally, there are many tutorials in this section on newborn photography. These articles will help you develop a better understanding of how to plan newborn photoshoots, how to prepare the studio space for a newborn, and how to prepare the child’s parents for the shoot.

There are, of course, many articles that offer advice for newborn photos, including wardrobe advice, posing tips, and general tips for camera settings, lighting, accessories, and so forth.

Maternity Photography Dresses

If you’re looking for maternity gowns for photography, this section will prove valuable to you as well.

With gorgeous photos to illustrate how maternity photography dresses can impact the look and feel of your photos, the lessons in this section give you all the creative inspiration you need to find the best wardrobe choices for expecting moms.

In many cases, the maternity gowns and dresses featured in these articles are identified with links so you can learn more about the specific wardrobe choices that were made. Even if you don’t want to purchase a gown or a dress, at the very least you can use the links to these products to find additional maternity photos to spark your creative vision.

Though maternity gown photography isn’t the focus of this section, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be presented with hundreds of photos of expecting moms rocking gorgeous clothes in their photos!

With that, you have a brief introduction to the PhotographyTalk collection of maternity articles. Explore this section, learn how to take better maternity pictures, and put that learning into practice to create jaw-droppingly beautiful shots!