Zachary Martgan / Member Interview

Zachary Martgan is a landscape photographer based in Eugene, Oregon. He has had multiple features in NatGeo’s Daily Dozen and has worked for brands from MVMT Watches to Infiniti.

When not taking photos, he likes to travel, hike, play musical instruments and play video games.


Eugene, Oregon, USA

What inspired you to become a photographer?

Really, just being in nature inspired me. Photography allows me to take moments home with me. Each sunrise only lasts so long. Some moments are more special than other. Being able to capture those moments to keep for myself and to share with others is really special to me.

Tell us about your first photo that really validated your interest as a photographer.

One of the first photos I was really excited about was one that I took of someone in the midst of a field of fog. The fog was coming from a few fog machines inside a nearby haunted corn maze and was completely covering the ground. It seemed so otherworldly and surreal. It was one of the first moments that I was genuinely stoked on an image that I captured. It was also featured on NatGeo’s daily dozen, which was validating.

What do you enjoy photographing the most?

I enjoy taking landscapes and adventure lifestyle a lot. I also do my fair share of trying to sneak up on animals to get close enough to get some good photos since I don’t have a tele lens.

What has been your proudest moment as a photographer?

One of my proudest moments has been getting on a magazine cover. It was special because it was something I could hold and give to my family.

How do you feel photography has impacted the way you see the world?

It has given me a greater appreciation for each moment. Every second is unique. When you hold down burst on your shutter for a couple seconds and look through the photos, each one is different from the next. Each is beautiful in its own way.

What would you like for people take away from your work?

I’d like for people to look at my work and walk away with the thought that the world is so much bigger and beautiful than they thought and that they have a special place in it. The Bible says that God’s attributes are seen in the earth and sky and I want to share that with people through my photos.

What are some ‘must have’ items in your camera bag?

I always keep a small plastic trash bag and a rubber band in there in case it starts raining too hard. You can get some nice, inexpensive protection from the harsh elements with that combo.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what is the ONE photography book you would want to have with you?

Well I may be cheating with this answer because it isn’t exactly a photography book, but it has to do with creativity. It’s called The Art of War. It gives you a really cool perspective on creativity, its enemy and how they battle.

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