Paweł Uchorczak / Member Interview

I’m twenty five years old photography passion from Poland. I started my adventure with photography since 2007. Landscapes are main topic of my photos, but in other categories I try photo. In landscapes I want to show my own world and beautifull views. Moments are too fleeting-so I photograph to catch them- this is my motto.


Opole, Poland

What inspired you to become a photographer?

When I was young I used to love spending time in fishing. At this timeI have many beautiful views but didn`t have a camera to catch them. In 2007, my grandfather give me a small compact camera. Since 2007 I was started my photography trip. I inspired photography from nature.

Tell us about your first photo that really validated your interest as a photographer.

"Angler/Fishermen" this is first photo which I was very proud. I took this image in october 2011 i Turawa Lake near my hometown- Opole. This photo shows alone fishermen in blue of sky and water. I get many prizes and HM`s for this photo in photography community in Poland and around the World.

What do you enjoy photographing the most?

I love photographing landscapes mainly mountains, seascapes and nightscapes. I travel around the Europe and capture beauituful places ex. Provence, Tuscany and my beatuy country- Poland. Wiliam Turner is my favorite painter, . I love to mix impression and expression in my photos. I like warm tones and light and I use it often. I also like to use in my work chain dynamism recession.

What has been your proudest moment as a photographer?

This was in 2015 year. I took "Road of Blood Moon" and this photo give me a lot of fame. In my Facebook profile this image received around 143 000 likes and 7 000 000 views. I have invitation to Polish Television and I gave a lot of interviews in local media (radio, newspaper). Since this time many pepole know my other landscape photography. I have article about me in Polish National Geographic website.

How do you feel photography has impacted the way you see the world?

Now photography is integral part of my life- it`s my job. I lead Workhops in Europe and I`m wedding photographer. Mountains and nature give me extra power when I come back to home. I must charge my psychical batteries when I spent time outdoor.

What is your best photography related tip?

Be patient- waiting for light and decisive moment is my motto. Sometimes I spent many hours waiting for best landscape light. Patience is the inseparable companion of landscape artist. Wait, wait and wait- the best moments come when when you don`t expect it.

What would you like for people take away from your work?

I wish that people who see my photos, they felt peace and harmony. Through photography I want to convey my feelings stopped in the frame. I visit many wonderful places and through photography I want to take my audience on a virtual tour of these places.

What are some ‘must have’ items in your camera bag?

Camera, lenses, filters, tripod and memory card- this is must have items in my bag. I love long exposures because I have to wear ND filters and a tripod. In landscape i have a lot of interesting topics, therfore I have 3 types of lenses : ultra angle, stanrad and tele-lens. These kit give me flexibility in my photos.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what is the ONE photography book you would want to have with you?

Decisively - Ansel Adams' 400 Photographs. This is album with great landscape photos. In this island I have a lot of time to analize all photographies from this book and draw conclusions.

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