GRIP & SHOOT Bluetooth Smart Grip


Best for

Giving smartphone cameras DSLR-like controls and grip

Grade (Out of ten)

Usability : 9
Design : 9
Features : 8
Price : 9
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Using a touchscreen to take photos may be simple, but the movement often introduces shake to video, requires two hands and can be uncomfortable. The Grip&Shoot aims to change that with an ergonomic handle and physical controls powered by Bluetooth. The grip uses a record and two zoom buttons to put controls right at your fingertips. The handle can also be removed and used to control the camera remotely, from up to 100 feet away.
By taking the controls from the touchscreen and adding them to the grip, adjusting the camera's settings don't introduce camera shake. The controls can also be custom set to adjust different settings, including white balance. The design of the ergonomic grip handle makes smartphone photography more comfortable long-term, making it particularly useful for travel and avid smartphone photographers. The grip can be used with either a case or case-free with the included JawZ universal camera adapter.
The Grip&Shoot offers a more comfortable hold and steadier videos, but smartphone gimbals will offer that plus a stabilization system. Of course, gimbals are more than $99. For the price, the grip offers a nice set of features for smartphone photography.


  • One-handed smartphone shooting
  • Steadier video shooting
  • Physical controls for a smartphone


  • Not as capable as a grip and gimbal in one
  • Lens Specs:

    • Connectivity : Bluetooth
    • Range : Up to 100 feet
    • Battery life : Over 10,000 shots
    • Weight : 4 oz. (113.4g)
    • Includes : Grip, JawZ smartphone mount, case, leather pouch

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