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  • It seems like it could have been handled in a more business-like way.

    A business owner can't ask every prospective client that comes thru the door (or to their website) if they're married or single or gay or straight, what religion they are or what church they go to, etc. etc. When I had storm damage did the adjustor ask me any of those type personal questions? no, of course not, he just got out a ladder and started tromping around on the roof! lol

    Of course with a wedding the photographer would know who's getting married and the venue might be a church, so would be getting some idea about those personal aspects. But if you're running a business you're providing a product/service, you're not there to judge someone else's life.

    As a photographer someone could market their business in a way to gain clients that would be likely to be a good match for their product and services.

    21 hours 43 minutes ago

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