Syrp Variable ND Filter


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Best affordable variable neutral density filter

Grade (Out of ten)

Clarity : 9
Durability : 8
Price : 10
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Neutral density kits take up a lot of space in the camera bag--and once you get a few different densities, can cost a pretty penny too. The Syrp Variable Neutral Density Filter is both convenient and affordable, yet still offers solid image quality. The Syrp filter offers 1 to 8.5 stops in a single product, turning the front of the filter to adjust the filter's density. Besides just being convenient, variable filters allow you to compose and focus on a brighter setting, then use the darker settings to shoot, since the darkest filters will also make the viewfinder dark.

The Syrp is even more affordable when you factor in that there are two step-up rings included, so the filter will fit on three different thread sizes. The Syrp variable ND is also pretty durable when it comes to design with a magnesium alloy ring, though some users wish for a grip on the step-up rings for easier swapping. A nice leather case is included as well. Despite being more affordable than some of the big brands, the filter is well-ranked for clarity, with some users only mentioning a minor light fall off on the edges.


  • Versatile with 1-8.5 stops of light reduction in one filter
  • Affordable
  • Solid image quality


  • No grip on step-up rings
  • Minor light fall off on edges
  • Filter Specs:

    • Availiable Sizes : 67mm (with 52 and 58mm step-up rings); 82mm (with 77 and 72mm step-up rings)
    • Density : 1 - 8.5 stops
    • Construction : Aluminum alloy rings
    • Multi-coated : No
    • Other : Includes leather case

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