Hoya Warming Circular Polarizer


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Warm landscape shots on a budget

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While warming effects can easily be applied in post-processing, polarizers can't be replicated. Combining both effects into one filter cuts back on time spent on editing. The Hoya Warming Circular Polarizer is an affordable way to do just that. This is a nice filter for photographing landscapes with a warm hue, especially towards the beginning or end of the day. The Hoya produces a solid image compared to other filters at the same price point.

What's traded off for that lower price tag? The Hoya Warming Circular Polarizer isn't as durable, with some owners reporting that the ring bent. The filter also suffers from vignetting at wide angles--don't expect to use this one at angles wider than 20mm without correcting the vignette later on. But, when price is a top consideration, the Hoya offers a good value.


  • Affordable
  • 2-in-1 warming and polarizing


  • Some vignetting at wider angles (20mm and under)
  • Not as durable
  • Filter Specs:

    • Availiable Sizes : N/A
    • Density : N/A
    • Construction : N/A
    • Multi-coated : N/A
    • Other : N/A