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Top Unusual GoPro Accessories

top unusual gopro accessoriesPhoto by lzf via iStock

Can you believe it's been 15 years since the first GoPro went on the market?

Crazy, right?

In the decade-and-a-half since, GoPros have become the most recognized action camera in the world. Their durability, functionality, battery life, and other features have made leaps and bounds over the years to make GoPros fully-featured video and still cameras.

What's also changed a lot is the accessories you can buy for GoPros. It used to be a selection of suction cup mounts and harnesses. That's no longer the case.

So, I thought I'd take a look at some of the unusual GoPro accessories on the market that make GoPros even more functional.

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Hazard 4® Cyclone™

As much as GoPros have improved over the years, there is no denying the tiny, ultra reflective screen. That glare in the sun makes it annoying to compose your shots, and can cause significant eye strain too. Throw in blowing water, sand, or snow, and you have a situation in which it's virtually impossible to see what you're framing up.

But now there's a real solution to this issue - the Hazard 4® Cyclone™ optical viewfinder.

Not only does this patent-pending device block out the bright sun so you can actually see the GoPro's screen, but it magnifies that small screen to give you a better look at the details.

Additionally, the Cyclone™ protects the GoPro screen from the elements, avoiding scratches and other damage that makes the screen even more difficult to see.

Speaking of the elements, it’s waterproof in rain or snow, and durable for a go-anywhere addition to your GoPro.

Hazard 4® took care to design this device in a way that it is easy to mount to your action cam. It takes just seconds to mount it to your GoPro's bottom screw, enabling you to quickly review the scene and get your shots without missing any action.

What makes the Cyclone™ unusual is that it isn't just a viewfinder.

Instead, you can tilt it downward and use it as a handle, which keeps your fingers out of the frame so you can get clean, unobstructed shots. And with an inexpensive add-on, you can head mount the Cyclone™ for occasions when you need your hands free.

cyclone collapsible

It collapses down for transport. Heck, this thing can even be used as a mini tripod if need be!

With a diopter focus for getting a crystal-clear view, a tether loop for keeping this gadget close-by, and a high-vis, self-closing cap to protect the lens, the Cyclone™ just doesn't quit with innovative and unusual features that greatly increase the functionality of your GoPro.

Learn more about the Hazard 4® Cyclone™

Octopus.Camera OctoPad

octopad top unusual gopro accessories

One of the most interesting and unusual GoPro accessories I got my hands on this year is this little fella, the Octopus.Camera OctoPad.

What I've found is that this gadget is a much better alternative than more traditional suction cup mounts for my GoPro.

That's because it has a weighted anti-slip mat to help keep it in place, even when the going gets rough.

In fact, I mount my GoPro to my OctoPad and put it on my dashboard to use as a dashcam, and it stays in plays - even when I go offroad.

Aside from its ability to stay put, OctoPad doesn't wither under the weight of my GoPro like some mini tripods have done in years past.

And with a 1/4-20 threaded male bolt, the OctoPad enables me to add accessories for recording videos, like my LitraTorch 2.0 (discussed below).

But the OctoPad isn't just for using with a GoPro. You can use it as a light stand, a microphone stand, a stand for your smartphone, and even as a support device for a compact camera.

OctoPad is easy to use and easy to transport, too. It takes up next to no space in my camera bag, and it has a built-in grommet for carrying it with a lanyard.

There's even a cable strap to keep your camera cables and accessory cables out of your shots. Nice!

OctoPad is durable, functional, and has tons of uses. It's also budget-friendly! If that isn't a great combination of features for a GoPro accessory, I don't know what is.

Learn more about the Octopus.Camera OctoPad

HandlePod 3-Axis Action Cam Mount

The great thing about the HandlePod 3-Axis Action Cam Mount is that you can use it in a variety of ways, depending on what the situation calls for.

It's a fantastic grip for shooting handheld video, but it also deploys as a stand to act like a mini tripod (as shown above). It even comes with an elastic cord for lashing it to objects like trees or fenceposts to get hands-free video and stills with your GoPro.

So whether you're indoors or out, stationary or on the move, the HandlePod can help you get steady and stable video with your GoPro.

Learn more about the HandlePod 3-Axis Action Camera Mount

LitraTorch 2.0 

As I mentioned earlier, I often use a light with my GoPro, and that light is the tiny, yet powerful LitraTorch 2.0.

At just 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.65 inches and weighing 3.17 ounces, this is the perfect light to use with a GoPro.

In terms of portability, you just can't beat this thing!

This light has 16 LEDs that offer 100, 450, or 800 lumens depending on what you need for the shot.

Regardless of the lumen output, you’ll get clean, crisp, flicker-free light with a 70-degree beam angle. As you’d expect from Litra, this light offers a CRI of 90+ and a TLCI of 92.

You can use the light on its low setting for up to four hours or get about 35 minutes of output on the maximum brightness.

It’s also waterproof to 60 feet in case you need to do a little scuba diving, has a magnet for easily attaching to metal surfaces, and two ¼-20 mounts too.

The LitraTorch 2.0 is simply a versatile, do-anything light, and is the ideal pairing with a versatile, do-anything camera like the GoPro!

Learn more about the LitraTorch 2.0

GOWORX GoKnuckles

goworx goknuckles

What might be the most unusual GoPro accessory on this list is the GOWORX GOKnuckles pictured above.

This unique handheld mount certainly won't go anywhere thanks to its interlocking design.

The patented design connects with your fingers so you get reliable and secure hands-free performance while you're skiing, paragliding, snorkeling, skating, and so forth.

The durable rubberized plastic construction is safe in fresh and saltwater, sand, snow, and other elements.

You can use the mount on either hand for low-profile, hassle-free performance with your GoPro.

And since it's just 5.5-inches long and weighs 3 ounces, it's a GoPro accessory you can easily throw in your camera back and take on every adventure!

Learn more about the GOWORX GoKnuckles

Wiral LITE Cable Cam System

innovative camera accessories wiral lite 

Another one of my favorite and unusual GoPro accessories is the Wiral LITE Cable Cam system.

Cable cam systems aren’t anything new, but what makes this one so unique is how small, lightweight, and easy to set up it is.

In fact, one of the most unusual features of this rig is that it takes about three minutes to set up. Crazy!

The Wiral Lite includes just three components - the main unit (shown above), the remote control, and the quick reel rope system.

The whole thing is tiny and super portable, so it's easy to take along with you on your adventures with your GoPro.

It has a payload of up to 3.3 pounds, so it has more than enough capacity for your Hero 6, 7, or 8.

The cable itself is incredibly innovative, too.

The unit comes with 164 feet of rope (or you can get an optional 328-foot length if need be) so you can send your GoPro over just about any span you want.

The thinness of the rope is absolutely incredible - it’s just 0.1 inches thick. It can be that thin because Wiral uses UHMWPE ultra static rope that’s incredibly lightweight without sacrificing payload capacity or safety.

It really is quite a marvel, which you can see in my video above. I think we got some pretty darn good footage myself!

Learn more about the Wiral LITE Cable Cam System

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