This is How You Accessorize a Maternity Photo Shoot

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When it comes to creating an eye-catching maternity portrait - or any portrait, for that matter - it's often the little details that turn a good photo into a great one.

That is, you can have a gorgeous model that's perfectly posed, great lighting, and an excellent composition, but if you include props that are visually overwhelming, an unattractive wardrobe, and other elements that detract from the image, it won't be a success.

With that in mind, I've put together a few tips for accessorizing your maternity photos in a way that enhances their appeal rather than minimizes it.

Incorporate a Floral Crown

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Flowers are a great way to accessorize a maternity photo shoot because they add a bright, airy, and feminine feel to the shot.

Additionally, flowers have tons of texture and color that you can use to bring more attention to the expecting mother's head and face.

In the image above, for example, the large flowers in the model's crown help define her face and draw our eye to meet hers.

And though the flowers are quite large, because they match the model's gown and background with a similar color, they feel like an integral component of the shot.

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Try Matching Mommy & Me Gowns

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If you want to add fun and sweetness to the maternity photos you take, try doing a mommy and me session with your client.

By adding a second person to the shot, you can immediately help the expecting mom relax and look more natural.

As you can see in the image above, a mommy and me photo highlights the interaction between the two and gives the shot a palpable sense of love and excitement.

 image Erin Ripley Photography

Another benefit of bringing a child into the shot is that you can accessories both the child and mother in matching or complementary clothing.

In both images above, the matching mommy and me gowns and crowns add color and texture to the shot, not to mention continuity between the two that accentuates the relationship between them.

As with the first set of images we explored in the previous section, again, we see how you can use colors that match or contrast with the background to get very different - yet equally beautiful - results.

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Give Mom a Wardrobe That Wows

 image Yanelys Thomas Photography

As I mentioned earlier, the accessories you use in your maternity shoots can make or break the photo.

That's why it's so important to carefully consider what mom will be wearing in the photos.

I think you'll agree that looking at the image above, you can see how a well-made, form-fitting gown can elevate the shot to another level.

In this case, the bright red color pops in the frame, and the wing-like waves of fabric on either side of the model add drama and sophistication.

 image Abba Color Photography

You can also use wardrobe pieces that feature a bold print to add drama to the shot.

In this case, the colors of the gown are much more subdued than with the previous gown. However, the combination of the print, the off-the-shoulder construction, and the matching floral crown make this mom-to-be a beautiful portrait subject.

Whether you use prints or colors, incorporate a child into the shot or simply use a floral crown, any of these accessories can help you turn a good maternity photo into something truly special!

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