The Top 10 Photography Books of 2013

We checked out the best gear of2013, but what about the education? The Internet is full of tutorials, educational videos, articles and personal opinions from everybody. But there is quite nothing like a good, old fashioned book when it comes to learning. Photography books can bring a major contribution to your development as a photographer, as long as they are written by capable people and are thoroughly put together. Be they Kindle versions or classic paper books, here are our ten favorite photography books of 2013.

10. 2013 Photographer’s Market

This book tells you everything you need to know about finding buyers for your photos. Many photographers have used Photographer’s Market to grow their businesses. It contains up-to-date contacts from the photography world. Magazines, book publishers, greeting card companies and stock agencies are all in there.

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9. Inspiration in photography: Training your mind to make great art a habit

Brooke Shaden is one of the most important figures is the world of art photography and in this book, she plans to train your mind into seeing inspiration all around you, in any situation.

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8. Surreal Photography: Creating the Impossible

Ever wondered how a surreal, jaw dropping image is created? This book will tell you. Surreal photography is becoming more and more popular in the world of fine art digital photography, and some of its secrets are finally coming out.

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7. How to photograph People like a Pro (How to photograph anything like a Pro)

Steven Rutherford is a Pro Aussie photographer who has won many international awards. In a generous attempt to share his knowledge, he wrote this book to help the beginning photographer find his way around the world of portrait photography.

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6. Mastering the Model Shoot: Everything a Photographer Needs to Know Before, During and After the Shoot

This is a great book for anyone interested in fashion and model photography. It is written by Frank Doorhof, one of the leading photographers in this branch. It will tell you everything you need to know, from how to find models to how to calibrate your monitor when editing.

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5. Start a Successful Photography Business in 34 days

Ideal for emerging wedding, engagement, event and portrait photographers. It is designed to help you understand how photography works as a business. It talks about the struggles of finding clients and it takes you through everything while explaining how to take action.

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4. Direction and Quality of Light: Your Key to Better Portrait Photography Anywhere

This is a great book for photographers who are learning how to use light, and how to make the best of every situation. Neil van Niekirk presents seven distinct lighting scenarios and the way to handle each one of them in order to come up with professional results.

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3. The Digital Photography Book: Part 1 (2nd edition)

This is probably the bestselling book on digital photography. Kelby is a world renowned trainer in photography and this book has been translated into dozens of languages. The second edition includes many new images, up-to-date information on gear, and a brand new chapter.

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2. Photography Q&A: Real questions. Real answers

This is one of my personal favorites. It started out as a blog written by awesome photographer Zack Arias. He decided to turn it into a book and we are thankful. It contains 100 questions and answers coming directly from the public. Everything in it is down to earth and real life stuff. It’s his take on various subjects and by the looks of it, he’s done a great job.

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1. Humans of New York

This is not specifically and educational photography book but great knowledge can be found in it. What Brandon Stanton did with his project is absolutely amazing and as proof of that, he enjoys praises from all over the planet. The book is a brilliant collection of street portraits and stories capturing the unique spirit of New York City. It has become an instant best seller, it is one of the most powerful photography books ever made and it is our number one choice.

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