21 Insanely Photogenic Trees


Sometimes, a single powerful element is enough to create an amazing photograph that remains imprinted somewhere in the back of your head. Such an element is often a tree, or more for that matter.

Throughout history, trees have been one of the interesting subjects for artists. That's because Mother Nature is the most complete artist there will ever be and trees are one of her best ways to show us that. Besides their crucial role of transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen, trees and forests are naturally calming for humans. You don't even have to see one in real life to feel some of its effects.

To prove that, we've put together a collection of 21 incredibly photogenic trees. From a scientific point of view, they're not all technically trees. For instance, bamboo belongs to the grass family and the Wisteria is a kind of vine.

But as photographers, we're interested in seeing beauty and thankfully, there is plenty of that in these images.

art tree 006 image

This Antarctic beech is draped in hanging moss. While this shot was taken in Oregon, the beech is native to Chile and Argentina. Photo credits: Drew Hopper.

art tree 016 image

These oak trees found in North Carolina were planted around 1790. Photo Credits: Lee Sosby

art tree 010 image

Yemen is home to these Dragonblood trees. Their sap would be used as violin varnish or to treat various illness. Photo credit: Csilla Zelko

art tree 007 image

Cherry trees blooming in Bonn, Germany. Photo Credit: Adas Meliauskas

art tree 001 image

Rhododendron is technically a shrub. This one is 125 years old. Photo credit: reddit.

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Twisted trees are always photogenic. Photo credits: Damon Kim on Flickr.

art tree 019 image

If you find this scene familiar, it could be from Game of Thrones.

It's a beech tree tunnel in Ireland. The trees were planted in the 18th century.

Photo credit: Christopher Tait on Flickr

art tree 011 image

This tree is nicknamed The President and it is the 3rd largest sequoia in the world. It can be visited at Sequoia National Park in California. Photo credits: Michael Nichols.


art tree 027 image

Jacarandas create a beautiful violet tunnel in South Africa

Photo credits: Elizabeth Kendall

art tree 028 image

The Sagano Bamboo Forest is one of Japan's most peaceful places. Photo credits: Kaboose-18 on deviantART

art tree 013 image

Photo credits: jwilsonnorton on Flickr

art tree 014 image

This is the famous rainbow eucalyptus. It gets its colors by shedding bark.

Photo credits: Cristopher Martin

art tree 003 image

Photo credits: y-fu on Flickr

art tree 002 image

With a size that covers almost half an acre, this wisteria is one of the largest in Japan.

Photo credits: tungnam.co.hk

art tree 005 image

A Japanese maple in Oregon.

Photo credits: Falcor88 on deviantART


art tree 029 image

Baobab trees are some of the largest on the planet. Other than that, they have a unique ability to store water in their trunks. Photo credits: confitalsurf

art tree 012 image

These maple trees look almost surreal, but you can find them in Oregon.

Photo credits: Ian Sane

art tree 021 image

A beautiful aspen forest in Colorado.

Photo credits: Chad Galloway

art tree 004 image

This what extreme arctic winds do to trees on Slope Point, New Zealand's Southern Tip.

Photo Credits: Seabird NZ on Flickr

art tree 022 image

The Crooked Forest in Poland was planted around 1930 and it still shrouded in mystery.

Photo credits: Maciej Sokolowski via Discovery


art tree 023 image

The banyan tree got its name from the Hindu traders who do business underneath it.

Photo credits: Jeff Stvan

art tree 024 image

Toborochi trees almost look like they're pregnant.

Photo credits: anjanbilal on Flickr

art tree 025 image

Dead Vlei trees in the Namib Desert, Namibia.

Photo credits: Wikipedia

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