Where will YOU be Shooting the Fall Colors in 2016?

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For those of you wondering about the timing of this article, let me say that it's never too early to consider where you'll want to be when the fall colors start to appear. Personally, I've lived in places where the change is so sudden that you have a 3- or 4-day window before those gorgeous reds and yellows are piled on the ground under 2 feet of fresh snow. That kind of autumn shooting takes luck, but in places where the change is more gradual and predictable, what's most important is early planning.

The Colorado Rocky Mountain region is one of those areas where early planning can pay off in terms of amazing photos of the fall landscapes. While no one can predict the exact time to capture the change, the odds are in your favor in the last two weeks of September. The aspens, birches and other deciduous trees tend to take on their fall colors during that time, and since the change varies somewhat with altitude, a little bit of driving can make a lot of difference.

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Colorado also offers the scenery to go with all those beautiful, bright colors, from the Rocky Mountains themselves to the bustling resort towns and even the mysterious ghost towns scattered around the area. Whether you want the lush evergreen forests, a mirror-like lake nestled in the mountains or something rustic as a backdrop for your images of Autumn in all her splendor, you're likely to find just the right combination if you know where to look.

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So, where do you look if you're not lucky enough to be native to this picturesque area? You can leave it to chance and rent a nice motel room or campsite, then just tour those mountain roads until you find the shots you're looking for. Television news stations in the area even provide reports on the color change as it progresses, so you can get clues that way. Still, figuring out where to go and how to get there is a process that's best started early.

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If you'd prefer to leave the real legwork to the experts and focus on creating the best images of all that color, your best investment is a tour or workshop. Hiring a guide who not only knows the area, but how to photograph the area is the bet way to save your efforts for those priceless photos.

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While there are plenty of services available all over the Rocky Mountain area, we like the series of workshops offered by RSL Photography. Why not count on the proven expertise of a professional photographer with the experience in shooting Colorado in the fall to help you capture this spectacular country and time of year the way you want to?

There are only three intensive, two-day sessions available and they fill up quickly. Take a look at everything that's included, read the customer testimonials and we think you'll agree that you'll come home with photos you'll be proud to show and sell. Click here to visit the information page for these workshops.

Book your spot now and, when someone asks, “Where will you be shooting your Fall photos this year?” you can smile and say, “In the Colorado Rockies!”

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