Do Away With Boring Photo Displays With These Unique Ideas

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Putting your paper photo prints into a frame and placing them on the mantle is so 20th century. Today, it’s not good enough to have a frame-worthy photo - you need to also make it a statement piece, something that stops people in their tracks to inspect the image further and be wowed by its quality. In other words, how you display your images impacts how people perceive the image itself.

With that in mind, consider these unique ways to display your photos that will increase the visual interest of your photos and leave viewers saying “WOW!”

Print Them on Wood

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How many people do you know that have large wood prints in their home? The chances are that it isn’t many - at least not yet. Wood is becoming a hot new medium for printing photos, and before you know it, more and more people will be printing their favorite images directly on wood.

It makes sense, too. Wood prints look great, especially those from Woodsnap. The images have vibrant colors and sharp detail that when combined with the grain of the wood creates a much more interesting and visually engaging photo. You can get wood prints in virtually any size, even large, wall-sized murals. Better still, wood prints from Woodsnap are sustainable because they use sustainable wood products and water-based, sustainable inks, so you can get a high-quality product that’s sure to impress and help the environment out at the same time.

As if all of that isn’t reason enough to give wood prints a try, consider this - Woodsnap offers a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t like your print, simply get your money back. But with a revolutionary printing process that embeds ink directly into the wood, the product you get will be precise, vibrant, and durable as well. Visit Woodsnap to see all the wood printing options available!

Hang Them From the Rafters

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The walls in your home aren’t the only place that you can hang your best photos. You can also hang your pictures from the ceiling!

The Kikkerland Random Hanging Photo Mobile is an interesting way to display a small collection of photos because it gets the images off the wall and into space, where they can be easily viewed. What’s more, since mobiles move, it helps draw attention to the display, creating a more engaging experience. Don’t think that a photo mobile is only appropriate for a baby’s room either - the industrial look of the mobile pictured above would fit well in your living room, family room, or home office. Constructed with a branched, balanced design, the photo mobile retains balance when your photos are added. Don’t limit yourself to just photos, though - use your photo mobile to display small artwork, postcards, and other lightweight images too.

Create a Full Wall Display

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A great way to make a unique photo display is to cover a wall with large photos. Better still, frame the prints in a hodge-podge of different frames to give the display an eclectic look with lots of personality.

The advantage of creating a full wall display like the one shown above is that you can show off a number of large pictures without it feeling overwhelming. You can also put old frames that have been collecting dust in your basement to good use! Using a variety of frames helps to create a more interesting display, that way it doesn’t look too formal or heavy. The whimsy of an entire wall of photos will be immediately eye-catching, and the power of so many large prints displayed in a small area is sure to leave friends, family, and guests speechless.

Whether you print your favorite memories on wood, add them to a photo mobile, or create a wall-sized, eclectic collage, these ideas for displaying your photos are sure to enhance the look of your photos and help you create “wow moments” in your home. Don’t just stick your framed pictures on the mantle - give your favorite photos the display they deserve by getting creative!

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