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Photography Equipment Review—Storm Jacket Camera Covers

storm-jacket-slr-large-red image A lesson that many digital photography hobbyists and enthusiasts must learn is that photography is not just a good-weather activity. Some of the best pictures of the world around you can only be captured on stormy, rainy, cold and/or snowy days. Exposing your camera and other photography equipment to these conditions can result in significant damage, which is sometimes total. That’s why a camera cover should be an essential part of your equipment; and Vortex Media’s Storm Jacket Camera Covers is one of the better choices to protect your valuable camera, so you can shoot in any weather.

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For many digital photographers, such protection is often an after-thought, which is why so many try to create covers from plastic shopping bags, shower caps and other materials. Holding an umbrella and shooting photos at the same time is inconvenient; and umbrellas don’t do much when the wind is blowing the rain. Plastic bags don’t have the tensile strength for this kind of job, so they easily tear; plus, they aren’t sized to fit over every camera/lens combination.

Storm Jacket Camera Covers are, however. They’re manufactured of advanced AquaNylon fabric, so they remain water repellant, even after years of use. This material not only shields your expensive photography equipment from inclement weather, but also sand, dust, and harmful UV rays. A sunny day on the beach may seem perfect, but salt water, blowing sand and harsh sun make your camera just as vulnerable to destruction as rain and snow. When that sunny day turns nasty, Storm Jacket Camera Covers can be working to protect your gear in a matter of seconds.

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Vortex Media was smart enough to make its Storm Jacket Camera Covers in a variety of sizes (five), colors (four) and a standard and professional model. The five standard sizes are from 11” to 31” (27.9 cm to 78.8 cm), in yellow, red, black or camouflage. The pro model is available in four sizes, from 17” to 31” (43.1 cm to 78.8 cm) in black or camouflage. It’s easy to calculate the size you’ll need: Measure from the front of the lens cap, with the zoom fully extended, to the back of the camera body. Then, add two more inches.

The Covers are designed with a drawstring at each end. Once closed, the front end fully encloses your lens, while the secured back end protects your camera body. Although the standard covers will do the job in most situations, the pro model may be preferred. It is designed with an additional opening, so you can mount your camera to a tripod or monopod, and then shut the camera in tightly with a Velcro fastening. Storm Jacket Camera Covers fold to a small, flat size that fits in a tidy zippered pocket, which you can then attach to your belt or carry in your camera bag. The only detail that Vortex Media may have overlooked (and it’s very minor) is that it would have been nice to have a clear cover.

One of the big upsides for Vortex Media’s Storm Jacket Camera Covers is that they are very affordable compared to many other commercial camera covers. Prices range from $36 to $59, based on the model of your camera and the total space you want to protect.

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