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7 Precise Points of Control That Make the Fujifilm FinePix F770EXR an Excellent Digital Travel Camera

fujifilm_f770exr image 1.   Comparing the many new digital cameras designed specifically for travelers can be dizzying, but Fujifilm has made it a bit easier by offering the Finepix F770EXR. At first glance, it should be obvious that Fujifilm has tried, and succeeded, at giving this camera a stylish look that distinguishes it from the many box-like travel cameras. Its smooth, rounded edges make it pleasant to hold and the overall shape is sure to attract positive comments. The color choices of red, blue, white, silver (and standard black) are not over-the-top chic, but still very contemporary.

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2.   The ergonomics of a digital travel camera are also paramount, especially if you’re shooting day after long day. Fujifilm improved the feel of this camera in your hands and gave it a secure hold with a more-pronounced handgrip and substantial rubber surface. Another interesting ergonomic feature is how Fujifilm designed the back of the camera. The back right portion extends from the body and the shooting mode dial is slanted toward the photographer, creating a very comfortable position for the right thumb.

3.   Other convenient controls are also found on back of the Fujifilm F770EXR digital camera. Most obvious is the 3-inch, 460,000-dot LCD screen, which includes a Monitor Sunlight Mode. You’ll see clear, detailed views of your photo compositions, even under the brightest sun. Equally important to the travel photographer, is a full array of buttons, dials and other controls that are sensibly placed and easily recognizable.

4.   Control is also a function of a travel camera’s lens, and Fujifilm was able to give the F770EXR a 20x optical zoom, which is the equivalent of 25–500mm in 35mm format. Select the Intelligent Digital Zoom capability and the optical zoom lens doubles to 40x, which is approximately 1,000mm maximum focal length. Now, there is virtually no subject or object within view that you can’t frame closely. Even more amazing is that Fujifilm put this extraordinary optical system in such a small travel camera. The lens retracts into the body, so the F770EXR easily slips into a pocket, purse, bag or pack.

5.   The bulge above the lens of the Fujifilm F770EXR is where its comprehensive GPS system is located. It has been built with a highly sensitive antenna, so the camera almost immediately determines and shows you the longitude and latitude of where you are shooting. The GPS unit will also accurately direct you to any previous photo location. The Landmark Navigator feature also identifies the closest landmarks and tags your photos with their location. You can even create a map with Route Log that depicts your digital photography journey from one shooting spot to the next.

6.   As a travel photographer, you can’t have too many shooting modes, so you capture the pictures you want and never miss the best images of your vacation or globe trekking. The Fujifilm F770EXR comes with two that will certainly grab your attention, and be well used. The EXR Auto mode is a beginner photographer’s best friend, as it matches your composition with any of 103 basic scenes to record the best image, without you doing much more than pointing the camera and framing the shot however you want. If you’re an experienced travel photographer or just hungry to learn more, then switch to the Advance mode. It includes five choices, the Panorama being one you’ll enjoy, as it helps you create a 360-degree photo with no tripod required. Select the Pro Focus mode for an excellent blurred background like the pro portrait photographers are able to achieve.

7.   To preserve the best memories of your travels requires a fully capable video system; and the Fujifilm F770EXR provides 1080p Full-HD at 30 fps, plus other shooting modes at various frame speeds. Audio is recorded in stereo and you can zoom the lens all you want during moviemaking. Just below the slanted shooting mode dial on the back of the camera is a dedicated movie record button that starts quickly with just one touch, another must-have point of control for the travel photographer.

With the Finepix F770EXR, Fujifilm has done an admirable job of offering a complete digital photography travel camera that compares favorably with any of the new models from other manufacturers.

The Fujifilm Finepix F770EXR Digital Camera is available from B&H Photo Video for $339.00 

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