Abstract photography, much like abstract art in general, can be somewhat confusing, especially to the untrained eye. To someone with little or no visual education, an abstract image will appear as a random placement of shapes and colors, with no real subject to stand out. In reality, abstract images can be very dramatic and conceptual, often addressing the viewer's intelligence. As a genre, it focuses on patterns, textures, colors and details of objects, often without presenting them in full form. It's not a type of photography that focuses on being technically correct. You may see a lot of abstract images with motion or lens blur and your first thought might be that they are fails. In reality, these "mistakes" are made intentional for the purpose of transmitting something to the viewer. Abstract photography is far from being the most popular genre and this is one of the differences between photography and the art world, where the abstract is very present. Nevertheless, it is one of the most challenging types of photography and it requires a highly trained sense of observation. Share your impressive abstract photos with us and check out the work of fellow photographers.