The great thing about bird photography is that anyone can take it on. You can take gorgeous photos of birds with any kind of camera - even your smartphone. Armed with a basic understanding of composition, framing, lighting, and so forth, you can develop images that highlight the beauty of birds in their natural environment. But this isn’t to say that bird photography is easy. Working with subjects that can be skittish and take flight at a moment’s notice can be frustrating. Barely missing a shot because you have the focus of your lens slightly off or you’ve dialed in the wrong shutter speed to freeze the bird’s movement can be frustrating as well. This is to say nothing of the extreme patience it takes to sit around and wait for “the shot.” But, at the same time, bird photography allows you to explore the beauty of nature, much like landscape photography. Not only that, photographing birds gives you the chance to document the colors, textures, and shapes of birds, and sometimes perhaps even capture rare species or rarely-seen behaviors. That makes bird photography an incredibly rewarding exercise! Share your bird photos by uploading them to this gallery, and be sure to have a look at the bird photos other photographers have uploaded, too.