Funny/Bizarre Photography is a niche and it is easily understandable why it isn't for everyone. First of all, you have to have a good sense of humor to appreciate this kind of photography. It is creative, but it's often very weird. Unlike other mediums, representing humor in photography in an artistic way has never been a mainstream thing. Maybe it's because people use photography to idealize people and situations. Obviously you need a very rich imagination for funny/bizarre photography. It is a genre that can be a little more forgiving from a technical point of view, as long as the message is powerful enough. The models used in funny/bizarre photography are usually very expressive and have some experience. Actors are best suited for the job, but you might find that a close friend who is naturally funny can make it work just fine. If there is a single element that counts the most, it is the concept. It has to be clear and funny in your head before you photograph it and if the shooting goes well enough to capture that spirit, it means you have done a good job. Let's see your imagination and sense of humor put into action.