Automotive photography is one of those things that many guys think of as a dream job. Let's face it: if you have a love for beautiful cars and photography, what better way is there to make a living than to combine the two? But it's not all sunshine and rainbows as some might say. Automotive photography is a very complex genre. It isn't just finding a beautiful car and taking pictures of it. In order to highlight the full beauty of an automobile, high quality lighting is essential. And some might be surprised, but lighting a car is really not that easy. It requires multiple light sources, each positioned and balanced carefully. The location plays an important part as well. It's hard to make it work if you put a Ferrari 458 next to a self-service laundry. Automotive photography is an important subcategory of commercial photography. Every new car that comes out needs a professional photo shoot to help market it. It's a profitable niche, but one that isn't easy to get into. Let us see your awesome car photos and check out the work of other photographers.