Macro photography is hugely popular among enthusiasts and it's easy to see why. It is a kind of photography that deals with the miniature world of plants, insects or manmade objects. Beauty is in the details and that is exactly what drives macro photographers to capture impressive images. Technically, the difficulty depends on what your subject is. If it's a flower blossoming, you might have a little more time than you would if, let's say, you were photographing a bee on a flower. The one thing that goes for all macro photography is that you need good optics. To be more specific, you need a dedicated macro lens. It can be a shorter or longer focal length, depending on what you photograph most often. For insects and other small creatures, a longer macro lens, like a 100mm, is probably the safest bet because it allows you to keep a fair distance between camera and subject. Shorter lenses are very good for static subjects. Tripods are also very useful when taking macro pictures because stability will influence the sharpness of the final image. Share your beautiful macro shots with us and see what others have captured.