Landscape photography is one of the genres that gets a lot of people interested in photography. If we had to pick out one reason for that, and that alone would be a challenge, it would be because it creates some of the world's most beautiful images and it deals with subjects that leaves very few people unimpressed. Landscape photography usually centers on natural sceneries, but it can also focus on manmade structures. It is a broad category and it includes many specializations. The key elements of a good landscape photograph are light and composition. While the first one is out of the photographer's control, the later is strictly up to his skill level. Landscape photography is a game of patience. Serious amateurs and professionals will often wait days in a row at a location so that they can capture the best possible light. It is a highly rewarding type of photography and one of the best parts about it is the "workplace". If you're a photographer that loves working in a studio, landscape photography might not be right for you, but if you're an outdoorsy person, it will definitely fit you like a glove. Some of the world's most famous photographers shot landscapes and many of the world's treasures have been revealed to us by them. Share your amazing landscapes with us and check out the work of other photographers.