Nude photography has been around ever since the development of the photographic process. The artistic heritage dates back centuries, so when the first fixed photographs started emerging, the first nudes were being taken. Nude photography focuses on the aesthetics and form of the human body, with an emphasis on composition, light and texture. The erotic part of nude photography is usually somewhere in the background, and that is one of the important aspects that make it different from glamour and other kinds of photography that are a lot more revealing, from a sexual perspective. Throughout history, the nude has always been controversial in all forms of media. Nude photography however has made it even more controversial due to its realism. The beauty of the human body will always be of major interest to artists and photographers. Some say there is a fine line between nude photography and other images that a lot less tasteful. We think there is a great difference between art and vulgarity. Show us the nudes in your portfolio and let us know we're right.