Being a sports photographer is one of the hardest things you will ever do with a camera. Sports photography demands a lot more than technical skills and knowing how to operate a camera with a really long lens. Sports photographers often specialize in various sports and the reason for that is that you need to know the sport you are going to photograph. A very important part of sports photography is anticipation. A pass, a goal or the ball going through a net are essential moments to capture and you need to anticipate them before they happen. One of down sides of sports photography is that it has always demanded high end, very fast equipment. You can't really do it with a point and shoot or an entry level DSLR. Luckily, things are changing and autofocus speed is becoming more and more affordable. Long lenses are also a must because you have to be close to the action while standing on the edge of the field. Overall, it is a spectacular genre, but the very first requirement is love for sports. Let us see your awesome action shots and check out great moments captured by other photographers.