Street photography, as a genre, is at the core of photojournalism and documentary photography. It is also a category that has produced some of the most iconic images of the twentieth century. With cameras getting smaller and smaller in the early '30s, photographers took to the streets to capture the atmosphere of large American and European cities. Soon, street photography became one of the most important tools for documenting social and cultural changes, as well as historic events. It is a discreet kind of photography. The cameras there are best suited for it are small and fast, easy to operate and easy to overlook. Mobile phones have become a great option for street photography in the past few years and this trend is one the rise. Sadly, street photography isn't a mainstream professional genre. It does however sell in the art world and in photography galleries, but much like photojournalism and documentary photography, its days as a profitable profession are long gone. But the fact that it's the closest to the essence of photography, that of capturing the moment, makes it one of the most fascinating categories of all time. Show us your impressive street photos and check out some other awesome pictures.