USB (Universal Serial Bus)

USB (Universal Serial Bus) This is essentially the 'universal' method to connect a digital camera to a computer (as well as many other devices that interface with computers). Standard USB can transfer data at 480 megabits per second. As USB technology advances, faster transfer times will be possible. Digital camera...


Viewfinder The viewfinder shows you the picture you have framed through the camera and lens. Some viewfinders include a grid pattern of lines or a series of dots that would be a grid if connected by lines. You can use the grid or dots to align with the horizontal and vertical lines in your framed image.

White Balance

White Balance This is a setting that helps you control the accuracy of the colors of your photos. Without setting the white balance correctly, your digital photos can appear to be lightly saturated with an orange, blue or yellow tinge. That happens because you shoot digital pictures with various light sources